C Hammond, Burns OR

Carl the Sculptor; click here to see rest of photo

Carl the Sculptor;
click to see rest of photo

Carl working in his studio;
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Buckaroo Slickfork
(bronze saddle)
edition 250
H:4-½" L:11" W:11"

Display Table Lamp
H:24" L:24" W:16"
Walnut base mounted
Juniper base mounted
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Carl Hammond, founder
Buckaroo Heritage
Western Art Roundup

est 1983, Winnemucca NV

Carl displays & sells his
bronze sculpture annually
at the Buckaroo Roundup

Carl spinning horse mane
hair for making Mecates

old days, old ways

Carl Hammond, founder
Buckaroo Hall of Fame
est 1988, Winnemucca NV

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HOMEPAGE Buckaroo Artist, Carl F Hammond
traditional Buckaroo lifestyle, art and gear

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Above the Owyhee

bronze scupture
edition 35

tall version
H: 33" x L:19" x W:13"

shorter version
H: 24" x L:23" x W:114"

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  ChukarsNature's Water Hole
edition 50
L:14" W:11" H:16"

bronze sculpture
table display or
live water fountain

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Winter's Ridge


edition 25
H:27" L:15" W:9"

Ticked Off
edition 35
H:17" L:17" W:8-½"
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Trottin' to Dry Creek

Broken Hobbles

edition 35

H:14" x L:16" x W:13"

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Carl F Hammond
Burns OR

home phone: 541-573-2921
cell phone: 541-420-7882


HOMEPAGE Buckaroo Artist, Carl F Hammond

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